Alyssa Nicole (echoes4everyone) wrote in sosceneitsdirty,
Alyssa Nicole

Don't hold on, go get strong, well don't you know ...there is no ... modern romance.

I was bored so I thought I would fill out an application.

Name: Alyssa Nicole Sinsun

Location: Ventura, CA .. well actually Port Hueneme but I'm always in Ventura.

Your musical taste? Why do you like it?: Hmm, I am mostly into Hardcore and Indie ... because Hardcore is just uplifting and great and postive and Indie is so Indie.

Bands: Underoath, Throwdown, Terror, Comeback Kid, tons of local hardcore bands .... The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Pretty Girls Make Graves, Le Tigre, and AFI.

How awesome are you?: I am thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis X 1000 awesome.

Straightedge? Why/why not: Yes, because drugs suck and no one should use them, they are bad. Oh yeah and I am that^ awesome 'cause I am straight edge.
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