the only chick in the pit (myrageisbliss) wrote in sosceneitsdirty,
the only chick in the pit

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*nervous look*

Name: kim
Location: chatsworth nj
Your musical taste? Why do you like it?: heavy fucking METAL, some hardcore punk, and i love me some HARDCORE and METALCORE. i like it because it's fast, it's angry, it's loud, and it's brutal. not many people can handle some of the shit i love.
Bands: oh jeez...check out my info please there are way too many to list :D
How awesome are you?: i'm pierced-up redneck metal bitch, whaddaya think? \m/
Straightedge? Why/why not: no, just because i
only occasionally indulge in non-sxe activities but don't want to give them up regardless.
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