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Name: Kelsey
Location: Carmel, IN
Your musical taste? Why do you like it?: I like almost anything rock. Metal, Punk, Emo, Pop-Punk,Ska, I'm very openminded.
Bands: Haste The Day, Still Remains, The Horrorpops, Alexisonfire, Bleeding Through, Bloodlined Calligraphy, NoFX, The Casualties, Catch 22, With Honor, Comeback Kid, Norma Jean, Nodes Of Ranvier...and much more.
How awesome are you?: I think I'm pretty awesome.
Straightedge? Why/why not: Eh, you guys probably won't like me because I'm edge. But I'm all for it, I don't mind if others don't chose to be edge, Its their life, and their decisions. I don't force my opinion on others... I don't feel that people should let others make their decisions. But yeah...Thats what I think.


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