paulina g (_paulinaiselite) wrote in sosceneitsdirty,
paulina g

Name: Paulina G.
Location: Atco, South Jersey (repin')
Age: 14 (okay shutup, i dont look like im 14)

Your musical taste?: hardcore and some dance music.
Why do you like it?: breakdowns make me happy.
Bands: he is legend, between the buried and me, bury your dead, the red chord, shattered realm, the faint, HORSE the band, norma jean, old underoath (anything before the changing of times), and as for local bands.. uh bela kiss, the concubine, malice aforethought.

How awesome are you?: extremely awesome. ridiculously awesome. im paulina g awesome.
Straight edge: i was sXe when i was like 12, hah! but cool whatever if you're straight edge, just dont be annoying about it like..OMG HOW COULD YOU DRINK ITS SO BAD FOR YOU BLAH BLAH BLAH, cause if you do that, chances are im going to knock your teeth out.
The election: bush is going to be a major factor in the downfall of the united states, which is approaching quickly. lets just leave it at that.
What is the scene: ME. I AM THE SCENE.

Your Clothing?: uh. im told i dress scene? so i guess you could say that.
Describe yourself in 3 sentences or more: I'm ridiculously good looking, and so are my friends. I couldn't get anymore awesome..even if i tried. And did i mention i am extremely pretentious.

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